Its getting Snowyy in the UK

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 - 3:39pm : Gaming : General

DeWet "RidditZ" Lombard-Bovey, MGO owner of Exdee gaming caught up with Gareth “Snowyy” Spiers, one of their RocketLeague players that left to play in the UK a few weeks ago, about how he is finding it playing overseas.

Big Congratulations to Snowyy for achieving 26th in Global Solo Duels leaderboard. It is a massive achievement

RidditZ: First of all, congratulations on being Global Ranked 26th in just a few weeks after heading out to the UK. That is amazing. What rank where you before heading out?
Snowyy: I was GC, like 30-40 points off top 100


RidditZ: How have you found the playstyle in the UK to be?
Snowyy: I mean we played EU before so it's pretty much the same, the only thing that changed is positioning and aggression, on the high ping you need to position a bit further from the play so you can actually react to the ball and on high ping reactionary defense was virtually impossible so the way around it was just flat out aggression, try and challenge before they even get a chance but now I can sit back, be a bit more passive, react to shots and dribbles and look for a counter attack


RidditZ: Have you played vs any RLCS or RLRS players?
Snowyy: Yes we have


RidditZ: How did those games go?
Snowyy: Touch and go so far, we won some and lost some but the potential is there. 


RidditZ: How have you found playing vs them on lower ping?
Snowyy: It's just a lot more equal and how we expected it to be from the start, there's no more interference and ping factors holding us back. Ultimately they are still better and more experienced but we can see the potential is there to now compete and win against some of EU's best. Another thing we noticed is that the game feel in general is just on another level to playing from SA, ball interaction is better, car feels nice etc... it seems as though the EU servers are just better and it really makes the game experience significantly better aswell as more enjoyable


RidditZ: Do you think that South Africa has a good scene and can compete vs some of the pros?
Snowyy: Right now, probably not. We only have 1 team that could be RLRS level but as time goes on the scene is growing, expanding and more players are up and coming into the top tier of competitive. We are also doing our best to help get more tournaments and LAN events throughout the year to help that growth so that we are prepared and ready to show we are a deserving and competitive region.


Nicholas "cpZebra" Fourie (left) - Gareth "Snowyy" Spiers (right)


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