Intel World Open Qualifiers - Rocket League

Fri 13th Aug 2021 - 10:26am : Gaming

We would like to wish our Rocket League team all the best as they take on South Africa, then Africa to get the 1 qualifying spot for Africa for the Intel Extreme Open. 

Intel World Open


Storyline of the Intel World Open

1. Our Rocket League team qualified 1st in the Open Qualifiers

2. Following on to take the African Regional Qualifier position

The Rocket League team did not drop a single matchup while playing on local servers. We wish them luck for the EMEA regional finals (playing on 200 ping) 

3. We reached out to ESL and Intel to try get clarity on what servers will be used during the EMEA regional finals. Unfortunately both intel and ESL have been completely unresponsive. 
We were hoping that we could arrange with local ISPs to assist our team with better connetions (direct pipe) to wherever the regional finals would be held. However ESL only replied back the night before the Regional finals after 3 weeks of asking, creating tickets, reaching out directly. 

The team got knocked out in the EMEA regional finals after putting on a STELLAR performance. 

For those wondering what it looks like playing on 200 ping. have a look at one of our players showing this here. 

Congratulations to the team. You guys fought with everything you had. We could not be prouder 



DeWet Lombard-Bovéy