Saying goodbye and goodluck to a friend, a brother, and a player

Wed 8th Nov 2017 - 1:13pm : General : Gaming

It is with great sadness in our hearts that we say goodbye to Tameer "TKC" Chicktay.
He joined the team beginning of the year (17 years old), when we were looking for a new Mid player. Where he quickly rose to the challenge. Becoming one of South Africas best mid players in record time.

As TKC moves to another Gaming Organisation, here are is his final statement, as well as a few goodbyes from his  Team  Former Team.

After a long journey, I announce with a heavy heart, my departure from Exdee Gaming.
Thank you Exdee Gaming for a wonderful experience.
Shout out to Ridditz for looking after myself and the team.
Thanks RockLee, Hunter, Fury and Cloud. It was a pleasure playing along side you all. I know you guys have a lot of potential. Best of luck in future.

We did not know what to expect when he joined the team at the beginning of the year. He was a carry player and was extremely young. But he put in so much time and effort. Learning the new role, always wanting to improve and get better.
This in turn made the team practice harder and play better.
His positivity and dedication to the game shows that you can become one of the best in a short amount of time.
TKC is a shining star in the SA dota scene and I cant wait to see where his new journey will take him.
You will always be part of the EXDEE family Tameer. Good luck at InsertOtherGamingOrgNameHere  (We will wait for the Other MGO to announce his arrival before updating the team name)

Goodbye tkc , amazing player and awesome friend . Tkc was a large part of exdee’s success and undoubtedly helped us all improve together. Tameer is still good friend and I wish him the best with InsertOtherGamingOrgNameHere and other future teams


Hunter: A man of few words had this to say

Ive been playing with him since the ventus days, ansd always saw great potential in him. I believe he is an upcoming STAR in the South African dota scene.
He always has a great attitude and I am keen to see what he can do in InsertOtherGamingOrgNameHere

He showed me how to win impossible games with creativity.


Good luck TKC. You were a brother, a friend, a G, and family.
We know you will keep grinding hard moving forward, and we are excited to see where your new heights will be.



DeWet Lombard-Bovéy