Comic-Con Africa 2018

Mon 17th Sep 2018 - 4:55pm General Gaming

ExdeeGaming was proud to have 3 teams compete at the VS Gaming Masters and Championships finals held at Comic-Con Africa 2018.
Rocket League, CS:GO, and Dota 2

Our CS:GO team ending 7th/8th in South Africa, after only being together for 5-6 months. Showed amazing promise and drive. Taking games to double and triple overtime in an AMAZING hard fought game. We are extremely proud of you

Our Dota 2 team came 5th, showing tremendous promise. Taking their game vs Sinister 5 to 80 minutes. (Sinister 5 ended up winning the tournament) 
Also taking on the legends WRG themselves.
We are proud of the team, and after this event. I am sure the players KNOW that they are up there with the rest of the top teams in South Africa. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our Rocket League team for winning the VSGaming RocketLeague Championships. They ended undefeated in series throughout the entire Championships.
We are extremely proud of the team. And they are only JUST getting started.

For more photos of the event.

A MASSIVE thank you to CougarGaming for supporting us throughout the year. We hope that we did you proud. 



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