2020 - New Dota and CS:GO teams

Tue 21st Apr 2020 - 12:54am : General : Gaming

Our new teams for 2020 are as follows

Matthew "BEE" Raubach
Mohammed "MD" Dhooma
Callum "Skeehound" Foster
Lennard "Remedy" Koekemoer
Berend "Berend_Biceps" van Staden
Daniel "Jeric" Comer

Tyler "TJ" Lockhart
Ashley "vae" Bierman
Nico "Dweezil" Devonport
Gavin-Ray "rMp" Nelson
Calvin "Enigma" Pedersen
Jacques "Kenpach1" Aucamp

Our Dota and CS:GO teams have ended 3rd and 4th respectively in the VSGaming Premier League division - Dota - CS:GO

Heading into leg 2 we made quite a few changes to the teams as per above. But we are happy in the progress as well as the teams themselves. 
Above all. Exdee Gaming is a home for players, teams, and friends. 

Exdee is proudly sponsored by Dungeons & Magic



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