Welcome back home FreakY

Tue 17th Oct 2017 - 10:02pm : General : Gaming

CS:GO Team update.
With the end of VSGaming Masters for the year, and with Orena Championship Playoffs looming. We were short a player as we said goodbye to Damon "Thabo" Osborn.
We went on the hunt for a player that can fit in with the team. Someone that knows the team, and that can play well with us, and our playstyle.

Funnily enough we didnt have to look far, as Gareth "FreakY" Glanville formerly of White Rabbit Gaming (BIG thanks as always to White Rabbit Gaming for the smooth transition, you guys are amazing), and before that of Exdee Gaming, wanted to return back to our family. 
"Once an xD family member, always an xD family member"

We are glad to announce that FreakY will be rejoining our CS:GO team along with a few new names

Connor "KING" Laming
Jandre "makmuR" Van Vuuren
Josh "blazE" Saunders
Gareth "FreakY" Glanville - Welcome back :)
Richard "Beast" Eales

Shane "slp" Pheiffer - 6th - Welcome to the family
Travis "Azterix" Coppin - 7th
Joaquim "JJ" Augusto Silva Vieira - Coach

Gareth had this to say about coming back home.
I am very excited to be back in Exdee gaming. I just can not wait to continue my journey with such an awesome organisation, love the brand as it shows how much fun we have when playing xD ;). This team has a lot of potential as it has a great balance of young and older players. I can not wait to be part of the success moving forward with this strong lineup.



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