TopicDo Collagen And Elastin Products Work Find Out The Answer Here

  • Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 9:48am

    Do collagen and elastin products work? No, they do not. Even I wasSouth Beach Skin Lab  surprised when I first heard about it but the fact is that these products do not work. Actually, they are designed not to work. I do not want to sound like an alarmist but the matter of the fact is that all such products are fake products. They are just riding the collagen wave and making moneyAllow me to explain in detailLet us look at the question once again - Do collagen and elastin products work?This question is actually asking that is it possible to remove wrinkles if I use a product, which consists of collagen and elastin.

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. The reason behind this is that the collagen and elastin molecules are very large and they cannot penetrate the outer layer of the skin. You can judge yourself now, if something is applied topically and it remains only on the outer surface then how can it benefit the inner mechanisms of the skin.

    According to experts, collagen production and absorption is a very complex and intricate process, which is beyond human comprehension. However, what we do understand is that how can we make our body produce more collagen. Once we do that, our skin absorbs this natural collagen and hence wrinkles of the skin reduce.Therefore, instead of asking, do collagen and elastin products work we should ask - how can I make my body produce more natural collagen?

    To attain that let us look at the raw material required to produce this wonder protein. Our skin cells consist of small fibrils, which are responsible for producing collagen. They need a constant supply of peptides and amino acids to convert them to collagen. Moreover, they also need nutrients, mineral, and vitamins so that skin cells remain in a healthy shape and keep fibrils working on their job.As a user, you must look for products, which consists of ingredients, which supply peptides and amino acids to the skin, which supply vitamins and nourishment to the skin cells and diminish the free radical activity.


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