Minecraft Factions

There are 3 custom coded plugins included in this Factions server.
These include Shockwaves, CustomRain, and GenBuckets.
All of these plugins are designed to make the experience of the server feel more unique while still keeping the beloved features of factions.


Here is a comprehensive list of all the features included in this server.

Custom GenBuckets Plugin
Custom Shockwaves Plugin
Custom ItemRain Plugin
Auto Restart
Custom messages
Custom Menus
Fully Setup Chat w/Tooltips
Harvester Hoes
Crop and Mob Hoppers
Scheduled Koths
Faction Upgrades
Custom Enchantments

All builds included in this resource are exclusive to the developers PremiereSetups. 




This server uses a special fork of TacoSpigot known as FluxSpigot. This spigot has fixed East/West cannoning, which is something we hope the players will really appreciate.

The developer decided to custom make this plugin, because they wanted the setup to be as bug-free as possible. Every public shockwave plugin the developer found, had bugs and more game breaking errors.



Genbuckets was made custom for the same reason as shockwaves, there weren't really any bug-free versions of this plugin around so the developer created his own.
There are 3 different types of gen-buckets included in this setup.
Vertical - Starts from the sky and goes downwards
Horizontal - Travels horizontally before reaching a stop
Infused - Starts from the ground and goes upwards



Diamond rain is a great plugin to shake up the experience for the players, a lot of the time players can get lost or even bored in the grind. This plugin is a rare event that causes the entire server to actually rain diamonds for a short amount of time. It is a great little enhancement to the normal gameplay.



There are a total of 5 preconfigured donor ranks Elder, Knight, Lord, King, Emperor. These can be given to players. Each rank comes fully ready to go with different perks

Elder Perks

  • Wont be kicked for AFK
  • No teleport cooldown
  • 3 Homes
  • 5 Auction Items
  • 3 Playervualts
  • 2 Jobs
  • Zombie Disguise
  • /Nick
  • /Kit Elder
  • /Stack



Knight Perks

  • All Elder Perks
  • 5 Playervaults
  • 5 Homes
  • 3 Jobs
  • Creeper Disguise
  • Skeleton Disguise
  • /Ptime
  • /Back
  • /Feed
  • /Kit Knight



Lord Perks

  • All Knight Perks
  • 8 Playevaults
  • 8 Homes
  • Chicken Disguise
  • Enderman Disguise
  • /Hat
  • /Near
  • /Pweather
  • /Heal
  • /Invsee
  • /Kit Lord



King Perks

  • All Lord Perks
  • 10 Playervaults
  • 10 Homes
  • 4 Jobs
  • Blaze Disguise
  • Slime Disguise
  • /Condense
  • /Kittycannon
  • /Fireball
  • /Repair
  • /Kit King


Emperor Perks

  • All King Perks
  • 10 Auction Items
  • 15 Homes
  • 5 Jobs
  • Bat Disguise
  • Iron Golem Disguise
  • /Workbench
  • /Fly
  • /Kit Emperor






Thanks to the amazing power of plugins there are some amazing bosses included in this setup, the current boss is the FluxBoss. We will be adding more bosses as the server grows.
The FluxBoss is meant to be battled with multiple other players and is meant to be a big challenge, not some sort of event but like a final destination for the server. If you want to test your strongest players give them this boss.




The Custom menus are amazing, PremierSetups did an amazing job to have the menus not look basic and boring.  This includes a total of over 2,800 different lines just to make the server feel more interactive and alive. All these menus will be kept up to date and expect new ones to be added also!



Harvester Hoes are available from crates or may be given to players with a command. Harvester hoes automatically sell your crops and replant when you mine with them, altering you of how much you are making with the action bar.


Envoys happen around spawn. During an Envoy event players are meant to be engaged within PvP in an excellent situation of risk and reward. There are three different types of envoys Basic, Rare, and Epic. Each of these categories contains different items which increase in value as the tier increases.


Classic factions game, players are able to drink drinks and test their luck also known as gambling. If a player wins "their drink" the player is awarded a certain amount of money but if they lose their drink they lose their money.
Try it out in-game with /bar



There are four different crates in game, with more coming each update, I will be swapping some out once in a while to keep the server fresh. Crates can be given via a command, mainly focused around Buycraft and voting they have some great perks.
Vote Crate
You can test it in game with /crates


This setup comes with some amazing custom enchantments and an even better tier system. Players are able to purchase books and redeem them for an enchant, they can then drag and drop the book onto the tool and it may either take to the tool, do nothing, or destroy the tool entirely.

It also includes different types of dust which can change the chance that the enchant will take to the enchant or decrease the chance that the item will be destroyed.
Try it out in-game with /ce


The economy for this server is fully configured for this type of gamemode which includes a beautiful shop. This is where the players buy all of their items such as genbuckets, spawners, and other features.
Try it out in-game with /shop


Thanks for a fork from our developer we got a free version of crop hoppers working. This also includes mob hoppers which collect the items from killed mobs and store them. These can really help automate farming and grinding. They can be given via Buycraft or received from crates.


An amazing item for large bases and big factions, they can be found in crates or give via Buycraft. These tools clear out an entire chunk all the way down to bedrock, perfect for anyone trying to make a base quickly, combine this with some genbuckets and you are on your way.


The beloved McMMO is definitely a part of this setup and comes with all the classic perks along with a beautiful GUI to help players redeem their credits into what category they would like easily and quickly.


There are four different jobs that players can choose from, they are basic activities that should help the player generate money over time. These jobs include Miner, Slayer, Enchanter, and Builder. Each of them earning you money for doing basic tasks.
Try it out in-game with /jobs browse


There are two custom built Koths that run a set schedule Daily. In order to cap these koths, you must have a faction and be standing in the Koth for 10 minutes.
Try it out in-game with /koth schedule


Players are able to create bounties on players that can then be claimed by other players and redeemed for money when that player is killed, this is useful as a way to draw attention to bigger players or factions.
Try it out in-game with /bounties


Players can select tags that appear before the prefixes in chat, this server supports multiple prefixes along with tags and faction names, so all formatting will still look amazing even with tags equipped.
Try it out in-game with /tags


Voting is completely setup and all you have to do is setup NuVotifier to make it work with your server, if you need help doing this please contact me and I would be glad to be of assistance. The current rewards for voting are $250, 8 Diamonds, and 1 Voting key per site, this can be changed upon request.
Try it out in-game with /vote


Players can sell their own items in the player running auctions. There is two types of auctions, a bidding option, and a buy now option. Players are able to sell 3 items by default to each category, donors are allowed to do more.
Try it out in-game with /auc


The server also includes a nice lottery feature that players are able to purchase tickets from. The winner is then drawn and rewarded the amount of money, the messages are all togglable per player so if it gets annoying you can mute it.
Try it out in-game with /lottery


Visit the ExdeeGaming Discord - https://discord.gg/ptaJdbK



Important Commands