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Disclaimer: Rules are according to Administrator and Moderator discression. If a violation presents itself as being more severe than intially demonstrated, punishment lengths will be extended. Bans and mutes may be extended as additional evidence is presented.  Rules stated below are guidelines for enforcement of the intended play on Factions. As such, Administrators and Moderators may take action against anyone who violates the intended mechanics and game play of the server.

The below is a list of rules and guidelines that can be changed without notice, although they are kept up-to-date as much as possible. Any attempt to circumvent or find loopholes in the rules will be dealt with with the same punishment as breaking the rule. Furthermore, deliberate use of loopholes around a rule will result in a more severe punishment. Not knowing prior to the event that the aforementioned rule was in place is not an excuse. All players are expected to know the rules and to abide by them. If a player is unsure if their actions count as a loophole, they should message an admin to clarify before taking ANY action that would be included as part of the loophole.

Find below the rules. Please note these rules can change at any moment. We have gathered common rule sets used by our initial player base. And combined them here. Should any of these not make sense, or you do not agree with them. Please let a minecraft admin know. 

Base Rules
 - Bases are to be no more than 25 chunks from the outer shell of your base.
           - 25 Chunk  buffer MAX
 - Your base may contain a maximum of 1 main box
 - Redstone checkboxes are NOT allowed.
 - Redstone alert systems are not allowed
 - Counter Cannons are allowed
 - Countering from in line of base is not allowed, however you are allowed to have counters inside your buffer
 - You are allowed to water all boxes
 - You are not allowed to make spawners unraidable
 - You are not allwed to water Spawners
 - You are not allowed to use unraidable blocks in any way
 - Regen walls are NOT allowed
 - B-Claiming is not allowed
 - You are not allowed to make another base within 50 chunks of another bases buffer
 - Corners have priority


Raiding Rules
 - You are not allowed to auto cannon above y-10
       - Anything that stacks more than 10 sand is not allowed to be autoed
       - Levers are allowed
 - You are allowed to anti patch 2 chunks max
 - You are allowed to nuke and pseudo nuke
 - You are not allowed to roof raid
 - Your cannots rate of fire must not exceed below 3 seconds (Meaning your cannons shots must fire above 2.99 seconds)
 - Your raid claims may not exceed twice the size of the base and cannot have more than 25 walls
       - Alignment for cannons does not count as walls
       - Raid claims can begin at 4x4 chunks
 You are allowed to reverse raid
 - Left and Right shooting is allowed ONLY when you breach the shell of a base
 - Leeching a raid is not allowed
 - If you are raiding a faction, you must be raiding under the intent to get in the base
       - This means you cannot just raid them to mess up their walls or annoy the faction
 - You may only use 1 cannon at a time to raid
       - You may not set up multiple cannons and switch where you're raiding. You must use 1 cannon for a complete raid and then you may use another cannon. You cannot go back to the cannon you finished a raid with.
 - Once your cannons hammer has left the cannon box, it isnt allowed to be propelled by any other means.  (Meaning U-Fusions are not allowed)
 - Midair stacking is not allowed
       -This is defined as firing sand and hammer out of a cannon and stacking up sand in midair without a backboard. You are allowed to fire sand out of a cannon at y-2 and determine where it will land by calculating the distance it would travel with the amount of power you have. 
 - Auto adjustment is allowed, but must maintain the cannon speed limit
 - Using an alternate faction to counter anybodys cannon box is strictly prohitied


Gameplay Rules
- Raid detectors are not allowed
 - Account sharing is not allowed and could result in a ban
 - Faction leaders are responsible for all members and personnel in their faction, no matter what happens
 - Factions are not allowed to hide value (These situations are admin discretion and higher. It could end up with a faction warning or more depending on the severity
 - Factions are not allowed to merge in order to receive a f top reward
 - lag machines are NOT allowed - permamnent bans could be given for this
 - Insiding is NOT allowed
 - Flyboosting is NOT allowed
 - Map exploiting is NOT allowed
 - Abusing glitches is NOT allowed
 - Exploiting the rules is NOT allowed
 - TP Trapping is NOT allowed
 - Nether portal trapping is NOT allowed
 - If a faction has proof of another faction or member of another faction ddossing or doxing. Serious steps will be taken
 - Using automatic piston pushers is NOT allowed
 - Claiming anything other than your base with shields is strictly prohibited
 - Hiding value/Spawners in wilderness and or underground unclaimed bases, unclaimed chests/vaults is not allowed
 - Roaming is not allowed


Punishable Offenses

Use of Unapproved Mods
 - 1 Week Temp Ban to Permanent ban at admins discression, depending on the nature of the mod


Glitching through blocks to enter another factions base or kill/hurt another faction member. This includes breaking glass with your sword and hitting through the broken glass for a second/using a efficiency pick on a door or other blocks etc.
 - 1st Offense: 3 Day ban
 - 2nd Offense: Ban Until End of Map
 - 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban
 - Multiple instances of glitching will result in bans being larger than stated here.


Any exploitation of a dupe bug or mechanic granting you resources that can be sold or used to create PvP Gear
 - Permanent ban
 - If you find a dupe bug and report it to the administration, you will be granted a free life


Inviting new members into your faction and immediately kicking and killing them
 - Permanent Ban


Kicking a member or leaving a faction just prior to a PvP death to prevent power loss
 - 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
 - 2nd Offense: 1 Day Ban for ALL INVOLVED Faction Members
 - 3rd Offense: 1 Week Ban for ALL INVOLVED Faction Members


Chat Spam
 - 1st Offense: 30 min to 1 Hr Mute
 - 2nd Offense: 24 Hour Mute
 - 3rd Offense: Permanent Mute to Permanent Ban depending on situation


General Asshattery/Derogatory Language/Racism/etc. in chat
 - 1st Offense: 30 min to 1 Hr Mute
 - 2nd Offense: 3 Day Ban
 - 3rd Offense: Permanent ban depending on situation


Alternate Accounts
 - Permanent Ban of all accounts involved


Abusing Game Mechanics / Glitching 
 - Do not abuse game mechanics or mechanics that have been added. One example would be logging out while in an event zone to be automatically teleported out of the zone.
 - Do not log in and out in order to avoid death, this is an abuse of the anti-combat log feature, and will result in a ban.
 - 1st Offense: 3 Day ban
 - 2nd Offense: Ban Until End of Map
 - 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban


Distrubiting Inappropriate material (use common sense)
 - 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
 - 2nd Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban
 - 3rd Offense: 1 Week Temp Ban to Permanent Ban depending on past books writte


Multiple instances of glitching will result in bans being larger than stated here.

Telling Others to Type /pvp disable
 - If someone asks how to disable pvp, and anyone responds saying to type /pvp disable, the latter player will recieve a three day ban.  Should the former be killed within the hour as a result, they will be revived by an admin.

Other Server Rules
 - Please keep hacking accusations and "how did you get in?" things to private message. If you feel someone is cheating, please contact an admin on discord. Do not continue to accuse and drag out your problems and personal hacking accusations in chat. The admins are always willing to hear you out, and we prefer to handle these things between the two parties involved.
 - Lava and water griefing are prohibited as it lags the server (and makes the admins have to clean it up). We track lava usage in the database and will kick/ban.


Things to Note

The administration team will not make changes to any Factions. We will not add/remove you as officer or add/remove you as administrator, nor will we kick inactive members. We do reserve the right to change any faction name if it is deemed inappropriate or otherwise.
 - If a member of a faction builds an event on the creative server, no member from that faction can use the event in the first week nor claim any "end game" prize.
 - Administrative issues need to be handled in moderator mail, private messages, or on discord.
 - Show respect to other users. As a factions server, we understand that you might be upset. Betrayals happen, and emotions go wild. We are a community and ultimately everyone is here to have fun, so please keep that in mind. Do not threaten other players jokingly or not. Consistent harassment of users can result in a ban.
 - Do not break the Mojang Studios Terms of Service or engage in illegal actions.
 - Above all have fun.

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General Player Rules

  • No Hacking. In any way, shape or form. 
  • Do not harass players or attempt to bully them off the server.
    A player saying something mean every now and then is not harassment, you as a player can use the /ignore add <username> feature to not have to listen to it. If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment. PVP callouts in PVP chat are not harassment.

  • Do not misuse channels beyond their intended function.
    An occasional “funny comment” or “quip” in for example Trade chat is fine, but you are not to derail channels for a purpose they are not intended. Do not spill or create drama in public chats, or engage in excessive arguments that could be done in private message.

  • Do not “Doxx” players, or reveal private information on the server.
    Doxxing players is the intentional revelation of their real-life name, home address, or information that could reasonably lead to their real-life identity being revealed. Revealing information that is already known in the community, or easily google-able is not Doxxing.

  • Do not scam other players (On the server or in-Game).
    This includes regals sales. If true currency is involved, it is strongly recommended that the PayPal Invoice system be used. Contact staff for further information.

  • Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname.
    If it does not meet our community standards, we will ask you to change it. Otherwise you may find yourself Jailed or Banned.

  • Do not break the Mojang Studios Terms of Service or engage in illegal actions.
    This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Alt Generators or selling Minecraft Accounts.

  • Do not use our plugins or other Minecraft mechanics in explotative ways. 
    This includes, but is not limited to, abusing glitches or bugs in Quests, Plugins, etc, or using these mechanics to spam.

  • We do not force you to respect our staff, but we ask that you are patient and cordial with our Staff.
    If a Staff member mistreats you, contact RidditZ directly on Discord. Do not impersonate staff.


General Roleplay Rules

  • Do not steal, copy, modify or re-use skins (or other content) belonging to other players without their consent. 
    Also, do not use skins or builds that are clearly meant to evoke an erotic or racist sentiment.

  • Respect the space and place of other roleplayers without forcing yourself into it. 
    Ask before forcing yourself into a scene, and do not engage in OOC actions on the sidelines that make concentrating on the roleplay harder.

  • Do not engage in inappropriate roleplay in public or with minors. 
    Do not engage in excessively disgusting roleplay, excessively vulgar roleplay, meta-roleplay, god-roleplay, or any other such mechanics of fail-roleplay. Stick to our lore when roleplaying.

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