Minecraft Survival

Welcome to ExdeeGaming Survival! 

Minecraft has always been a passion of ours, and we decided to get a few Minecraft servers setup
This setup includes lots of unique features and even some amazing custom plugins that deliver perfectly on creating a high-quality setup that runs effectively at high player counts while still delivering an amazing gameplay experience for our players


(Custom Coded) Bloodmoon
(Custom Coded) RainReborn
(Custom Coded) ChatReborn
(Custom Coded) ShopReborn

Grief Prevention
Custom Enchants
Unique Fishing
10 Player Ranks
5 Donor Ranks
5 Crates, Playervaults
Trading, Staff Mode
Bounties, Pets
Auctions, Jobs
And More! 


When the sun goes down the mobs come out. This plugin gives mobs some unique effects and abilities on some nights.

Rain Reborn
A remastered plugin from my original factions setup, there is a chance that it will rain items from the sky!

Shop Reborn
Completely custom coded and optimized to work with this setup to prevent lag and keep the economy balanced.

Chat Reborn
A unique plugin that allows you to see unique details of players and their chat when hovering over their names.



Amazing world that also has a built-in PvP Arena included. 






The bloodmoon has a 20% chance (configurable) to start at night when the bloodmoon starts mobs get huge buffs that make it very dangerous for players to go outside.

Zombies - Gain the ability to slamdunk
Skeletons - Gain rapid-fire that recharges
Creepers - All Creepers become charged
Pigs, Sheep, Cows - Become hostile 




When the rain starts items begin to fall from the sky. The items that fall from the sky are configurable along with how often rain occurs and how many items it drops.
Drops can include Diamonds, Gold ingots, Iron ingots, Emeralds, Iron blocks, Coal blocks, Glowstone, and Obsidian.




This setup comes with a total of 10 different ranks for your players to progress through, this can be done using a combination of money and playtime. Players can view all the ranks and their perks with /ranks

View all Rank perks here or view them at the bottom of the page




There are a total of 5 preconfigured donor ranks Elder, Knight, Lord, King, Emperor. These can be given to players. Each rank comes fully ready to go with different perks so you can start making money immediately.

View Donor Ranks here, or view them at the bottom of the page.



This setup comes with some amazing custom enchantments and an even better tier system. Players are able to purchase books and redeem them for an enchant, they can then drag and drop the book onto the tool and it may either take to the tool, do nothing, or destroy the tool entirely.

It also includes different types of dust which can change the chance that the enchant will take to the enchant or decrease the chance that the item will be destroyed.
Try it out in-game with /ce


In classic survival fashion, the only thing that players are able to do to protect their items is using a golden shovel to select the area that they want to build, players are able to earn more blocks to claim by playtime or ranking up to the next rank with /rankup.




Fishing has gotten a complete revamp, players are able to fish to retrieve different levels of fish that are worth more to the shop. Players can also purchase different baits that attract higher-level fish, the bait store is unlocked at Nomad Rank.



This setup comes with 5 total crates Vote, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Rank. These crates can be a great way to reward players or make an amazing addition to your store.




This setup includes 48 unique pets and allows your players to customize their appearance to give them a nice personalized feel. The pets are amazing donor perks and special crate rewards that encourage players to keep playing.




This setup includes MCMMO Classic which is a great addition and an overall essential for any survival server. This setup also introduces an amazing GUI menu to allow players to redeem credits earned for different skills easily and effectively.




This setup comes with a specialized staff mode that allows for easy access to important staff commands. The staffmode easily allows you to create and execute templates of punishments and messages on players in order to keep your staff members using the same punishments for everyone and give off that impression of unity.



This setup includes 4 unique jobs which by default players are able to choose one of, these jobs are an extra way to keep players busy while giving them extra money. Jobs can be levelled up to provide more money for the same tasks as higher levels, this enhances the grind that players must achieve and the satisfaction when they reach higher levels.





In the risky world of survival, it is important for players to be able to trust each other, this trade plugin allows players to easily exchange items between each other with no risk of scam, this means happy players and less of a workload on your staff.



This setup comes packed with unique and custom GUI menus that make managing different aspects of the setup simple and easy to do. This keeps the overall challenge on the player to a minimum and improves the aesthetic of your entire server in general.



As players level up they gain access to vaults. These vaults allow items to be stored and retrieved remotely, allowing plays to not always be tied down to their base. Higher ranked players gain more of these, while donors are able to use the maximum amount.



Players are able to sell items at the auction house with /ah. These items can be sold as either a BIN or a BID situation, higher-ranked players are able to put more items on the auction house.



For any players that are having issues with another player, they are able to create a bounty. The bounty offers a cash reward for anyone that is able to kill that player. This increases the risk and reward factor of your server and makes it more interesting when it comes to PVP and Grudges



Using /withdraw will allows players to pull money out of their balance and give the note to other plugins in order to redeem a set amount of cash. This is a great way for players to help each other get to the same level or help lower level players out. They can also be used in trades.



Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/ptaJdbK to log a Support ticket.



Player Ranks as per http://exdeegaming.gg/minecraft-store



  • 2 Homes
  • 1 Playervault
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • Buy Claim Blocks
  • Access to Bait Shop
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • 3 Homes
  • /Workbench
  • 100 more Claim Blocks




  • 2 Playervaults
  • rename pets
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • Access to Blacksmith
  • Ability to Catch Huge Fish
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • 2 Jobs
  • 3 Playervaults
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • Abiliuty to Silk Spawners
  • 4 Homes
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • 4 Playervaults
  • 3 Jobs
  • 100 More Claim Blocks




  • Exempt from AFK Kick
  • 5 Playervaults
  • 250 More Claim Blocks






Elder Perks

  • Silk Spawners
  • Join the server when full
  • 3 Homes
  • 5 Auction Items
  • Clear own inventory
  • Keep EXP on death
  • Pig Disguise
  • Zombie Disguise
  • Blaze Pet
  • Cavespider Pet
  • 5 x Rare Crate Keys
  • /Back
  • /Kit Elder
  • /Recipe

Knight Perks

  • All Elder Perks
  • 7 Auction Items
  • 5 Homes
  • Sheep Disguise
  • Skeleton Disguise
  • Evoker Pet
  • Husk Pet
  • 5 x Rare Crate Keys
  • 5 x Epic Crate Keys
  • /Nick
  • /Kit Knight




Lord Perks

  • All Knight Perks
  • 10 Auction Items
  • 7 Homes
  • Cow Disguise
  • Creeper Disguise
  • Creeper Pet
  • Ocelot Pet
  • 5 x Epic Crate Keys
  • 5 x Legendary Crate Keys
  • /Kit Lord




King Perks

  • All Lord Perks
  • 12 Auction Items
  • 10 Homes
  • Blaze Disguise
  • Squid Disguise
  • Pig Pet
  • Enderman Pet
  • 10 x Epic Crate Keys
  • 5 x Legendary Crate Keys
  • /Kit King
  • /Fly


Emperor Perks

  • All King Perks
  • 15 Auction Items
  • 15 Homes
  • Chicken Disguise
  • Wither Skeleton Disguise
  • Wither Skeleton Pet
  • Wither Pet
  • 5 x Rare Crate Keys
  • 5 x Epic Crate Keys
  • 10 x Legendary Crate Keys
  • /Kit Emperor






Important Commands

/ranks - view all the ranks and perks
/ce - enchantments
/ah - auctionhouse
/withdraw - allows you to withdraw money out of your balance and give that note to someone else, or be used in trades